Matia Mobility and Tamm Net Launch Online Portal for Insurance Prior Authorization Submissions

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — August 2, 2023 — Matia Mobility, a leading provider of innovative mobility solutions, today announced the launch of a pioneering online portal for the submission of pre-authorization requests to insurance companies for the Tek RMD M1, the revolutionary electric standing mobility platform. This initiative was made possible through an exclusive partnership with Tamm Net, a well-respected consultancy specializing in the medical device and life sciences industry.

The new portal is set to revolutionize the process of insurance approval for clients seeking to acquire the Tek RMD M1. Traditionally, potential users have found navigating the insurance maze challenging and time-consuming. The new portal is designed to streamline this process, making it easier, faster, and more efficient for customers to get the approvals they need.

“At Matia Mobility, we continually strive to improve the lives of our customers by breaking down barriers and enabling access to life-changing mobility solutions,” said Steven Boal, CEO of Matia Mobility. “Our partnership with Tamm Net to launch this online portal is a significant step forward in enhancing our customers’ experience and easing their path to mobility.”

The Tek RMD M1 is a breakthrough in the field of mobility assistance. It provides users with an unparalleled level of freedom, allowing them to stand and move about independently. This innovative product can dramatically enhance quality of life for individuals with mobility limitations. However, obtaining insurance authorization for such devices can often be a complex process.

Tamm Net, with its vast experience in the field of medical device reimbursements, has developed a solution to simplify this process. The partnership with Matia Mobility leverages the strengths of both organizations to the benefit of end-users, facilitating access to advanced mobility solutions.

The new portal, effective from today, is accessible to users across the United States. By simplifying the insurance pre-authorization process, Matia Mobility and Tamm Net are transforming the accessibility of high-tech mobility solutions, paving the way for a more inclusive future.

About Matia Mobility:

Matia Mobility is reimagining mobility for people with walking disabilities. The all new Tek RMD M1 is a revolutionary mobility platform that makes it possible to independently and safely sit, stand and navigate environments that were once inaccessible, indoor and outdoor, and all at eye level.

With the industry’s smallest footprint, users can now go places and reach items otherwise unavailable in a standard wheelchair, whether at home or at work. The M1 fits in small spaces, minimizing renovation requirements and often decreasing overall living costs for someone with a walking disability.

Now approved for purchase by the VA, and also now available with multiple financing options from our website, the Tek RMD M1 is now more affordable than ever.

About Tamm Net:

Tamm Net is a renowned consultancy firm specializing in navigating the regulatory landscape of the medical device and life sciences industry. Their expertise includes strategic consulting, regulatory compliance, and reimbursement solutions. For more information, visit

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